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Reality Shunned

October 14, 2018

An amazing sense of unity has emerged among half of the USA in the light of the presidency of Donald Trump. But the media have decided to ignore it, to shun it. They have become settled in a cynical attitude of self hatred. They refuse to swivel their cameras and see what is happening around them. They have predecided in their minds that we must move towards some globalist state, regardless of the consequences for human dignity and human flourishing. They have predecided that what they think is best for them must be forced on the rest of us whether we like it or not.

So they turn their back and shun the positive things being done by the current presidency. Convince themselves they have a moral and intellectual higher ground with daily accusations, often groundless, always hypocritical, and often based on projections and based on their desperate search to find even the slightest hint of something to get morally outraged about.

They double and triple down in their accusations of nazis, where there is nothing closely resembling it, because in their minds the only thing they have left to orientate themselves in their overly liberalised, morally lax, meaningless, atheist lives is their understanding that nazis are bad. This is all they have, so they must project this label on to anyone who upsets or disagrees with their predecided narrative.

When all is said and done they have nothing to show for their blustering but one, probably contrived event in Charlottesville where one person died that they continually refer to to support their narrative. In the mean time, violence from the left rises: attacks on republican officals, attempts to assassinate, continual harassment, left right and center and they ignore this, as much as they ignore the positive things going on in half of the US right now.

They have tunnel vision and tunnel vision can only mean a decrepit and unhealthy and inflexible dogmatic view of reality. I gain little from making these statements other than as a vindication of something I have felt deep inside me now for many years. That the liberals and their media enablers have gone completely crazy in their self hatred disguised as altruism to the point that they are a clear and present danger to anyone they have any influence over in their lives.


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