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Social Progress vs The State Leviathan

October 18, 2018

So we create laws, legislations, state bureaucracy to protect us from ruthless corporations exploiting us, rather than improving our communities we create a dependency culture and we deprive ourselves thanks to the legislation from even having the freedom to independently produce anything for ourselves, because the legislation actually makes it impossible for small independent businesses to get a foothold.

Every time you ask for the state to help you indiscriminately, and for that leviathan to increase its size, you are enacting this process. Capitalist need for profit is mirrored by Socialist need for progress, where progress means a bigger and more centralised state. Each feeds off the other and human individuals get lost in a race by the capitalists and socialists to control the use, production and distribution of the latest technologies.

The human genome project was a classic case in point. Who have been the winners of that battle? Certainly not your average everyday independent human beings. Whether the socialist or the capitalist wins the race in each particular case matters not one bit, for the average everyday independent human being loses out whatever. He is either made to rely on the higher taxes or the higher costs of a monopolised and centralised form of technology.

In politics for any policy, the only guaranteed loser is everyday independent human beings, as long as we see politics as purely a case of more or less state interference. How about better quality state intervention? Rather than throwing money at something hoping it will magically progress. A totally crazy idea that can not be quantified by graphs and statistics, or measured by economic growth and commodities.

The right is beginning to see in politics that it must appeal to something different than more or less state interference. When the left catches up and realises this too, and stops being a pawn in the industrial and technological forces of perpetual progress. Then we can start to have a meaningful political debate again. Until then it is all out war between the technological elite manipulators and their manipulated underlings on one side, and the rest of us who refuse to be manipulated by an obviously failing agenda of confusing more and more technological control and state dependence with social progress.

One Comment
  1. Trying to get this Farm Bill 2018 passed is a good example. If bills didn’t take so long to get through, perhaps they could be streamlined, slim, for a singular purpose.

    I agree with your article. I’ve said for years that it’s impossible to legislate morality. We must change hearts and minds to be more responsible, free-thinking, and independent. OM

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