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Juggling Sacred Cows

November 10, 2018

For all the endless negative coverage of Trump, and the spotlight on anything negative they can pick up on in what he says and does. For all the click bait approach to journalism that has become the norm, where in this case the mainstream media appeal to the radical extreme on the left purely in the name of getting the most attention and the most clicks on their stories, so their memes can spread most virally.

For all of this, what most upsets liberals about Trump is that he is consistently and persistently attacking certain things that to them have become sacred cows.

I am talking here particularly about two main areas. There is the policy of discriminate and restricted immigration, as opposed to the liberal sacred cow, of unrestricted immigration with open borders in the name of being loving and kind, and out of an inability on the part of liberals in any aspect of their lives to be tough on anyone. They have come to hold the sacred cow value of the coddling of the human being, because to them their is no such thing as free will, whereby people can overcome things on their own terms and with their own will power, and do not need to always be handed everything on a plate, and in fact, when they are handed everything on a plate they regress spiritually and emotionally as human beings. The liberal cannot appreciate this practical reality, because his sacred cow has blinded him to it.

The other main area is in relation to the America first protectionist economic policy. The liberal US is tied up with imperialistic values as a world promoter of its values. As such it feels it must be morally superior to all others. To enact a nationally minded economic policy is to deny a moral superiority to other nations and to accept the reality of a battle of competing interests where we have to take a side. This one really gets to liberals, undermining their sacred cow of altruism and of the objective preeminence of their own values over all others.

What Trump does on a daily basis is to attack the liberal lefts sacred cows and show them that an alternative way can be, not only practically feasible, but practically better than continued obedience to the sacred cows, which, he would argue, were getting America exploited by other powerful countries in the world.

Each click bait story of the left wing mainstream media is an appeal to those “assaults” by Trump on their sacred cows, and it is telling how emotive and unreasoned their response to him and it is. The latest example is the liberal mob that protested Tucker Carlson at his home. He makes well reasoned arguments showing the dangers and downsides of unlimited immigration and this is what triggers the emotive response of the leftists the most. Because they see some truth in what he is saying and so they feel their sacred cow is under threat. Their response? Harassment, screaming and shouting and sometimes escalating to violence.

What happened to well-reasoned debate and argumentation? For the left they have lost sight of it, because their vision has been distorted by juggling too many sacred cows at the same time. And they have become too obsessed with submitting to the opinions of experts, rather than using their own critical reason. The result is a mainstream media elite conditioning their beliefs and responses at every step of the way. Feeding them a steady diet of sacred cows to get enraged about.

Don’t get angry at this, get even. And get even by applying critical reason first and foremost to your own beliefs. Then you may find you can let go of some of your sacred cows and appreciate reality in a more practical and nuanced way.

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