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Morality: Where Science let us down

November 16, 2018

Science has been great for a few successful individuals at the helm of powerful forces. But for the rest of us, it has been the bane of our existence. It makes us uniform, condemns us to repetitive tasks and pecks away at our spiritual integrity piece by piece.

The problem with science is that it has no account of the good in life. It shows us all the ways things can go wrong, and then says of the way things went right for us to be here, that it was a freak and preposterous accident. Imagine parents teaching their young child this, that they were an accident and were not wanted. Well this is how science treats us children of western culture.

Science can offer normalisation through medication, escapism through technology and it can offer tautological utilitarian theories of morality, that what we have pursued in life is what we wanted to pursue. Great, thanks science, very enlightening. After the fact, look, you did this, so you must have wanted to do it.

That is it, this tautology, (what should really be called the pathetic fallacy, not what is actually called it) is all they can offer us. No chance to understand how to change oneself in the future, other than in economically motivated measures of “progress”. Ways that only kill the moral spirit in you all the more.

There can never be an inspirational model for morality coming from science for us to live our lives by beyond a few years of stoic struggle or hedonistic excess or passive dependence. We need to get our moral inspiration from elsewhere, and the more totalitarian science tries to ridicule all the other options, the more it is complicit in the murder of the human spirit. These people are serving as enemies of humanity when they act in this way, so treat them accordingly as a serious, dangerous and evil foe.

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