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Science: Hidden Diversity

December 14, 2018

There is a myth that science is a monolith. That all “proper” scientists agree about what science is as a method, and what it is has achieved in practice and as an ontological account of reality. It is a particularly ironic myth. For the business of this myth is to constantly deny it is a myth in any way shape or form.

Science can be a dangerous tool when it obscures our appreciation of our common sense intuitions to the extent that we will question what we see in front of our eyes in favour of bowing down to the claims of “experts”.

Don’t get me wrong, science done well contains at times an element of suspending attachment to your natural intuitions and instincts in order to gain a better and more impartial understanding of certain phenomena. But lets not confuse this good point of method in our own understanding with blind appeals to authority as being always better than using our own judgement.

For we all must ultimately appeal to the court of our own judgement. And this judgement is an inexplicable intuition at the core of our human state of being. It is not a scientifically proven fact.

Science becomes a problem when it believes its own hype too readily. When it loses itself in its own ideological trappings, and forgets that it is always at best a model and guide to us in our appreciation of reality. Not an arbiter or a judge.

Coming across obstinate purveyors of the faith of science. Spouting out the standard issue jargon, of “evidence-based”, “debunking”, that always amounts to expert blind worshipping. One starts to realise that these people are doing a serious injustice to the true diversity of science, as a reality in human affairs, past, present and future. They are blasting out, screaming out a dumb mindless mantra, to drown out any reasonable discussion of a nuanced reality.

They do this for one clear and ever present reason. They are afraid of human intuition. Of individual human judgement and awareness. And they are afraid of common sense.

For it all exposes their ideology for the fraud that it is. The grand narrative they have invested so much of their time in. The faith they have put in their leaders. It is built in thin air, with no solid basis, like any other human mythological creation.

This doesn’t make it merely delusion or just plain wrong. But it does make it clear that no system of thought can be self justifying, self affirming, totally self contained, and expect to maintain contact with independent reality and independent judgement.

To re-appreciate the reality of science. This monolith must be brought down, and the true diversity of science must again be affirmed. It is needed particularly right now in an era when basic free speech and autonomy of individuals is under threat by centralised forms of control trying to police not just our criminal actions, but our everyday speech and thoughts.

Appeal to scientific consensus is not an argument, it is an expression of ignorance of how to argue. An expression of an inability to defends one’s position without appeal to authority and intimidation tactics.

A consensus on climate change is not worth the paper it is written on or the electronic media it is memed through. Because climate change is a tautological statement. Tautology is an example of bad reasoning. We can see this when we judge for ourselves, rather than bowing down to authority. The climate is definitely changing and there are definitely many factors involved in this change including a degree of human influence. But bland generic assertions tell us nothing of this diverse reality. They only purvey one dumb message of: do this and believe this or you are beyond the pale and not a member of our team. Peer pressure and bland generic assertions. Is this what we want to bring science down to?

We are better than this. Science is better than this. It is better when we respect the diversity of science and stop trying to co-opt it for insidious political purposes to promote mass indoctrination in line with blinkered, one-sided accounts of reality that only lessen the ability of all of us to discuss reasonably and fairly about reality. These political opportunists must be resisted and exposed for what they are. Nasty, disingenuous people who would happily destroy the foundation for all of us as reasonable realists for the sake of the short term high and power trip of getting people to follow their narrow, moralising ideological outbursts.

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