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Media Bias: A Quick and Easy Test

December 19, 2018

If you want a very quick and easy way to determine the particular bias or leaning of a media source, just see which word they put in quotation marks, it will tell you immediately who they think is wrong, and who instead they think is right by implication.

For example: I find this bing headline and I knew straight away what their game was, without having to waste time digesting the irrelevant “content” of the piece. See what I did there?

Here is the headline: Corbyn’s no confidence motion in PM is a ‘stunt’.

Ah ok, so straight away I see that you think it isn’t a stunt, and that the person who suggests it is is wrong. Quotation marks work so easy in this way, but also so subtly. As most people will not register that they are being drawn into an emotional allegiance with the perspective of the headline writer in sneering at those who would call it a mere “stunt”…

Nice try.

If it was a right wing source a simple way to completely change the interpretation without changing any of the words, only changing the word you put in quotation marks would be the following:

Corbyn’s no confidence ‘motion’ in PM is a stunt.

Fake news deflected for the billionth time…

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