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The Ugly New Racism of the Left

January 10, 2019

As the worldview of the left falls apart, they become more desperate and hate-filled in their lashing out. As a result, we inevitably see new kinds of racism emerging in their outbursts. This racism like all real racism, as opposed to the phony racism of screaming it at people who say something you don’t like or can’t form a reasonable response to, comes from ignorance.

The inevitable anti-semitism of the left in their alliance with Islam, due to this making them automatically against the existence of the Jewish state of Israel, is one main feature. Another is the constant bias in the lefts news media. In which they will desperately search for an example of white on black crime to talk about, to make it seem that this happens as often as the reverse. A recent story had the left in uproar at an evil white guy supposedly attacking some black girl, only for it to be later realised a black guy was actually the culprit. Then, of course, there is no longer a story as far as the left is concerned.

For the left the important thing here is to give the impression white people commit these kinds of crimes as frequently as black people. It is absolutely critical to their ideological delusion that we are all the same. It is also critical to their narrative that wants to browbeat and moralise at white people, because its mostly white people who are their audience and who will feel shame about this kind of thing.

Another common trend of late of the left in the UK since the brexit situation is the use of the word gammon to describe anyone supportive of brexit, particularly when its images of middle age white men with pink faces. I read articles from the guardian and the new statesman both trying to underplay this. But of course, this is the reality of the ignorance of the new left, that their best argument is to attack skin colour.

I have mostly been lucky to avoid this new culture of the left in politics. And thankfully so. It has all the hallmarks of a vulgar, vicious mob mentality. And the all too nice and polite people on the left are not going to speak out against it, because they largely already hate white people anyway. So it’s not so much that they don’t see it’s wrong, they just don’t care.

Britain is in a real bad way, of this there is no doubt. The only people with any sense left know that this was caused by too much immigration at too high a rate. But those people are not going to be listened to by the new mobs of the left who are only interested in the colour of your skin while you are speaking.

It’s really very ironic, considering how much they point the finger at others for being racist. But then it is not much surprise when you realise that the left is basically built around shame of yourself in favor of hiding in some mass or mob. Shame of wealth, shame of talent and difference when they have it, and envy of it when they see it in others. And so, no surprise, they project all racism at the successful groups of the past few 100 years. It is merely an emotive outburst of their own envy or shame, it is not a statement with some semantic content.

I know this mentality all too well, I freed myself from it over many years of personal struggle. Desire for equality is all too often disguised shame of your own wealth, or envy of anothers. You have opted out of being the real person you are, and want to hide in some group. You have given up on your own spiritual journey and destiny and out of cowardice you want to merge into the herd. If you fully own what you are, be it fully, you would never get this inauthentic herd mentality arising.

Unfortunately we have it on a growing scale, helped by a simplistic ideology, simplistic slogans and a simple minded conception of who the bad guy is. The liberal hates himself, the immigrant hates him too, they have a common hatred. This is a dangerous negative mindset infecting the fringes of the new left in politics, and it is now coming out more and more openly for all to see for it’s obvious hatred and ugly racism.



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