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A Trip – Part Two

February 12, 2019

Slowly lulled into a calm state

fighting the desire to sleep

demons, visions, madness, I await

as through my veins the medicine creeps.

A battle for control, between my intellect and my soul.

The ego must let go, the ego must be dissolved.

Before the real spirit can appear

the pure knowledge of what is true and right

the place of only warmth and love, no fear

where there is only clear, intuitive sight.

A certainty in what matters most,

in what lies deep in my core.

No more need to show off or boast,

only confident and self assured.

How could I not have known,

it was there in me all along.

So long I suffered and I groaned,

I was singing anothers song.

My self, lost in a cacophony of others concerns.

Here it is found, only now can I learn.

What I felt as something wrong with me all my life

a source of my loneliness, sadness and strife

was in fact not some internal problem or rift,

it was instead a rare and precious gift.



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