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The Basic Truth

March 11, 2019

We are not products of this material world and neither is the material world a random production itself. We are voyagers through this world, and the world is on a voyage itself.

This is the basic truth as opposed to the basic lie that has come to be accepted as common wisdom thanks to the hubris of science.

Science tries to tell us we are products of the material world that it (science) is the only and conclusive source of knowledge about.

Only the empirical method can be a source of knowledge in an otherwise chaotic world. No use of intuition or reason, for there is no order in the world for these things to pick up on. Only the arbitrary connections found by the empirical method.

This is a majorly authoritarian ontology that perfects and crystallises the process that some of the more dogmatic authoritarian religions were working towards.

It ensures no escape from the network that it creates for us. No beyond. No area outside of the reach of its tentacles.

It is a classic case of the snake eating its own tail. And it is this metaphysical delusion that is the source of all the evil we see resulting from it in our political elites, our economic elites and our medical elites.

There is no space for life in this simulacrum, and each generation feeding off the next and trying to reproduce the next, becomes more and more degenerated and tainted.

When we try to control this whole process hierarchically, on a conscious level, of reproduction, all we achieve are shadowy, faded copies, almost like zombies.

Only the spontaneous vitality of life, a life in touch with personal intuition and reason, and not in submission to a higher authorities reason, can ensure a reproduction that is not merely a copy, but that can evolve and improve.

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