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My Demons – Return

April 24, 2019

Part Nine

A fresh round of hell is unleashed in my life

A new melodrama to give me some strife

Left alone, digesting my own thoughts and ideas

Echoing off the walls they spin life long careers.

Eating away at my sense of well being

Till the devil I will welcome to me freeing

Opened up, sucked dry and torn apart

Leaving alone just a strongly beating heart

No purpose or direction to steer towards

Only to steer away from the advancing hoards

Weakened by stress, demoralised by fear

Time to expel one last fatal tear.


Part Ten

A voided heart, devoid of care

Through others well meaning I cynically stare

It beats still steady as if nought has taken place

Relentless thudding, shames me in utter disgrace.

The vigour I despise it flowing through me

Reminds me that humans can never be free

Of the urge, the desire, the predictable need

To implant in others our self enhancing seed

Our egotistical, selfish push to control

With our demonic designs, anothers soul.

The beating goes on and on, through all of time

Without purpose I remain conscious of this great crime.

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