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The Embarrassment of Leftist/Liberal Thinking

May 24, 2019

I think it is fair to say that the state of thinking and reasonableness on the liberal left has gotten embarrassingly poor. Much of it has come from some hopeless outdated idea of trying to claim moral superiority by being ever more neutral and impartial that has become perverted to the extent that they are now seeing virtue in a form of severe self denial and self hatred.

Their views on Climate change, their positions on religions and cultures and politics and the economy. It has all become infested by this idea of “being nice” and of pressuring everyone to think the same on the charge of “not being nice” if they disagree and have a different viewpoint. This kind of group think is so easily manipulated by an uncaring elite, because it is so damn predictable.

It is well and good to be emotional and caring but the absolute key point that all successful human societies and communities realised in the past, is that you don’t continue to be emotional and caring to blatant sociopaths. We seem to have forgotten about this in our globalised current condition, and as a result communities and community feeling has been retreating and dying.

The emotive view of the left on climate change is a particularly embarrassing one. They have basically confounded a truism with their moralising campaign to blame humans for environmental changes so as to make it a truism that humans are to blame for all negative climate changes. What they don’t know is that scientific reality shows us severe climactic changes throughout the earths history that don’t have anything to do with human influence, check out the following graph for instance.

Human Climate Influence in Perspective

This is not to deny the human pollutive influences with things like coal and the dirtying of the atmosphere that we have to breathe, and the polluting of the oceans and rivers and the over fishing practices etc.. But when you confound all this into some generic truism about climate change you are doing a severe injustice to your case, because truisms are shallow truths with no content, whereas the reality of climactic changes are much deeper truths with much more content. The embarrassment of the liberal left is they don’t want to have a discussion anymore about these things. They have predecided for now and forever that humanity is eternally morally culpable. It is their secular replacement for original sin.

The reality of the earths climactic variation is so fascinating and recent findings are showing us a lot of evidence pointing towards cataclysmic floods 4-5000 years ago and 11-12,000 years ago, giving support to the stories of floods in so many ancient texts. Timaeus by Plato tells of such a time of floods and fires around 11,000 years ago in line with data in the ice core of Greenland showing huge ice melts at this time, and in line with data of a geological layer of effectively soot at this time, adding support to wide ranging fires. What an irony it would be if modern science built on the defeat of Aristotles approach to physics and logic, was in its turn defeated by the stories of Plato that were handed down to him by oral tradition of these ancient floods and of a submerged and lost civilisation of Atlantis, for which also there is now growing evidence of the existence of civilisations much more ancient than we had before imagined.

Science is not guaranteed access to truth, there is no methodological guarantee, and when the human motivation to be sincere is lost, then even science can be a source of lies and exaggerations. The one-sided story of human history and climate change is one such example of where science can fail. We see it also in the media and journalism. You can have the best technology and methodologies, but if your motivation is dishonest and if you are not willing to stand sincerely to the truths you see around you, you are going to use all that technology and science to proliferate lies, not truth.

The political discourse on climate change, thanks to the embarrassment that is left/liberal thinking on society, has made a commitment to something much more like a religious crusade than a scientific endeavour. We have seen it supports a moralising shaming approach, we have seen it has set up its own version of original sin. We have its intolerance of differing opinions. All the signs are there to be seen. And to the western world long known for its rugged empiricism and appeals to truth, reality and reasonable discourse, they have become a total embarrassment.

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