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First Book Published Today!

July 10, 2019

Well it has been a long road to get to this point. I have had some of the materials and ideas for this book since my time studying philosophy at university, which was over 10 years ago. I have also attempted writing many other books over the years, and I have many ideas. The problem usually for me is that the ideas come so thick and fast that is difficult to keep patient to get them down into a full length book, before my mind has moved on to some different ideas. Here, for the first time I managed this, and was able to see it through to the conclusion.


There is a lot more I would like to write to develop the ideas much further, and I am already working on my next book, which is a kind of companion to this volume. Where this book discusses the mainstream analytical philosophers, particularly Bertrand Russell, Saul Kripke, John Searle and some others I have wrote about on this blog before. That book is going to be devoted to some of the underground philosophers and thinkers of the 20th century. Some of the thinkers whose ideas the mainstream was not ready for, such as A.N. Whitehead, Teilhard de Chardin, Ivan Illich, Carl Jung, Rupert Sheldrake and some others. It will also consider some of the underground movements of thought and their rise in the 20th century, such as occult movements and conspiracy theorising.

All these things I have made some attempt to understand on this blog in short posts in the past. For instance: Rupert Sheldrake – Science Set Free , Implicit Teleology – The Answer to the 20th Century Rejection of Reason , Book Review – Limits to Medicine, Medical Nemesis: Ivan Illich . But now, as a tribute to the influence and value I have gained from reading many of these thinkers, I want to bring it all together into book form. It has been a fascinating journey for me, delving more deeply into the philosophy and thought of the 20th century.

We really need to get to grips with what happened in the realm of thought in that era, for it has created the world we live in today. Irresponsible thinking there has created many of our problems, and responsible thinking has created many of the good things about our society.

Moving on to the 21st century I hope to see a reemergence of respect for reasonable philosophical thinking. The 20th century led to a situation where philosophy was confined to a small corner of the conversation, mostly a mere cheerleader for science and mainstream dogmas. But, this was crippling to our reasoning faculties and to rational debate, and the atrophying of this is clearly visible in our society today.

The conversation on the connection between philosophical and critical reason and the nature of reality needs to be reopened. Science does not have the final word on what we have to believe about reality. Our own minds and our own thinking have the final word, for these are the only means we have to responsibly project humanity into a worthwhile future. The drift of entropy of deferring our thinking to experts will only lead to the downfall of human dignity in all areas, and so we must resist this.

I hope that my book, and my future books to come can be some small contribution to this fight, by clarifying the basic ontological grounds on which we need to be establishing our positions, in order to be able to defend ourselves from those who would like to take away our ability to think for ourselves.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon in the UK, the US, and Canada. It is also available on Amazon in many other countries. And it is due be released and available as a paperback also in the next few days. I hope anyone who chooses to read it gets something valuable from it, and any constructive feedback will also be appreciated…

A Journey Through 20th Century Philosophy –

A Journey Through 20th Century Philosophy –

A Journey Through 20th Century Philosophy –

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