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Holons instead of Systems

July 17, 2019

To free ourselves from the “system”, we do not need to engage in anything so dramatic as revolutions. We do not even need to take the red pill, so to speak. All that is really required is to understand that life is a system of Holons. Entities that are both wholes and parts. We ourselves are such entities. We are both a whole contained of parts, in which we assert our authority, and a part of a larger whole, where we acknowledge our interconnection with something bigger than ourselves. We have our personal aspirations and enjoyments and independence as a self as a “whole”, and we have our social roles and responsibilities as a self as a “part” of a larger whole of a family, community and society.

The basic left and right in politics depends on which of these two features we choose to emphasise. As such, we always need a healthy dialogue and dynamic between these two parts of our being. On the left I can acknowledge some value in the ecological visions of Gaia as a guiding light. While on the right I acknowledge the value of the self-assertive independence of Western principles such as freedom of speech and liberty. We need a healthy balance here. It is just like the Tao.

We cannot lose ourselves in a larger whole with delusions and posturings of altruism. Neither can we immerse ourselves completely in our isolated selves. The problem with some on the left is that they have confused and confounded the good in the ecological vision of Gaia with their own personal desire to posture morally as altruists. They have confused this higher level of organised being with a level of universality and objectivity. When such a level of generality does not exist in reality.

The problem on the right is when we refuse to acknowledge the help of others to us and posture about self sufficiency and being better than anyone else. To avoid both these extremes, what we need is not a moral shouting match, but a dialogue. We cannot have this dialogue as long as the parasite that is the mainstream media keeps interrupting our channels of communication with its emotive click bait for both sides of the debate. We need to come to a joint awareness of this common parasitical enemy that has infested our political discussion. And highlight and expose it where ever we see it.

As long as people react in predictable emotive ways to certain debates and topics the real practical considerations cannot advance one bit. The left can scream racism any time the issue of immigration comes up, if they want. But they are only denying a part of themselves and a part of all of us. For really what they mean by racism is any self assertive tendencies at all. Any self assertion has become, to their altruistic, universalistic false consciousness, a case of racism and discrimination. Would they have us all indiscriminately the same in a collective mass?

Of course, this is no solution. In which case, you are going to have to grow up and have the adult debate about immigration and where the balance is to be drawn for a social organism to maintain and sustain its continuity over time. We are not really part of any universal collective. The earth is not a universe, it is Gaia, a small localised pocket of life, and negative entropy, an island surrounded by a sea of entropy. So we must end our delusions of grandeur here. We can be a part of the larger whole that is the earth, but we are also a part of other larger wholes, such as our communities and families. Let’s not give up these real groups we belong to for the sake of some illusory ultimate group. For all that waits for us in that ultimate grouping is death.


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