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Underhand Sexuality

September 8, 2019

So often petty battles ensue, when you become friendly with a girl.

All guys mindlessly start competing in a pathetic ego battle.

I like being friendly with girls, but these related ego battles I find repulsive.

If you win you lose your self and your self respect, if you lose, you lose the girl and human companionship.

Fake self aggrandisement is all they are, and nothing more.

A short-term ego victory among a long-term personality failure.

Always performed on a sneaky level, refusing to be consciously discussed or considered.

Well I myself refuse to let the mindlessness continue.

I will expose it in my words and my thoughts, no matter that it leaves me isolated.

Imagine that all the furtive, creepy darkness in human sexuality and relationships were exposed to the light of day.

Imagine that we took a conscious and shared awareness of all of this.

It would probably be the death of relationships and humanity.

If we exposed all of our dirty laundry.

We would run as fast as we could, from this dangerous hallucination.

I guess this is why most people prefer to continue dreaming.

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