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Extinction Rebellion: Hating Human Life disguised as Loving the World

October 17, 2019

The latest outbreak of self hating white people has had its expression in the bizarre cult called extinction rebellion. Clearly these people have ignored all the memos regarding the complicated reality of climate change. Clearly they have never read a post by someone such as myself. It feels it has got to such a ridiculous state of affairs when a caricatured group such as this emerges.

Who ever taught any of these people how to reason critically? Obviously no one. What instead were they taught? They were taught to accept authority of mainstream, popular science, in whatever trendy narrative it decides to promote. They were taught this at school and by the mainstream media outlets. They accept it to such an extent that they ignore their own reasoning faculties.

They ignore the fact that these climate scares are perpetrated by privileged liberal elites every 10-15 years, to control other people and make other people feel shame in their lifestyles, while they themselves continue of course to do many things that are not environmentally friendly. Such as regular plane trips to get their awards for being environmentally friendly or to speak at climate events.

Those elites know that each new generation of young people is ripe for exploitation by these types of ideas. Because each new generation has more and more children without proper family support and guidance thanks to our increasingly atomistic society. And so, we shame them with dirty images of carbon dioxide and give them an impossible goal of carbon neutrality. Effectively making of their regular human bodily functions an evil, such as breathing.

I have said before many times, and it seems I must keep repeating it: This whole climate crisis obsession has nothing to do with reality of the climate, but it is real in a totally different way. It fills a moral vacuum that our atomised, individualist society has left in its wake. It provides moral values that have a reality all of their own that also must be appreciated. Even though they refer not to facts of reality. It gives people a new form of original sin to measure themselves by. To give meaning to their lives, albeit a negative and destructive meaning of feeling shame all the time and trying also to impose that shame on others.

Better critical reasoning faculties could quite quickly get you past many of the simplistic fallacious doctrines that people such as extinction rebellion espouse. They hijack good sentiments about being healthy in our relationship to the world, by reducing polution, recycling etc. And take it from this sublime value to their own ridiculous notions. They leave us crippled, never able to do enough to appease their god of carbon and life neutrality. The only appeasing can come in death. And this would be a good way to sum them up, as a death cult.

They are driven not by a love of the environment, but by a hatred and disdain for human life. Many of the unwilling victims going along with the movement may well be good intentioned. But good intentions without good reasoning and consideration are worth very little, in fact they can be more harmful than good. Better to do nothing when your only “knowledge” is accepting the authority of some alleged consensus. This is not knowledge but leader worship, and faith.

Either way, the leaders of the movement are certainly intentioned badly. They thrive off controlling people by shaming them of their life impulses. I have seen some of the leaders of this movement speaking, and they are life hating, repulsive people. It is like going back to some puritan movement from the past.

It was inevitable some values would fill the vacuum left by an atomised, secular, enlightened society. And it was also inevitable they would be bad, not well thought out, values. Our task as the people aware of this reality is not just to sit back and ridicule these badly misguided souls, this is what we are expected to do in the grand circus that has become much of public life on the internet. But to act in other ways and show better guidance to the people we influence in our own lives. We can deny their factual claims, but we cannot deny the moral reality of their dilemma and struggle.

We can’t be morally neutral in this world, anymore than we can be carbon neutral. We must take the moral stand for human life, dignity and well-being and quash these dangerous and destructive death cults. Save the lost souls among these groups being exploited, rather than merely sitting back and making fun of them.

  1. We are all in the hands of experts of all sorts and we hope they know their stuff. We might get two or three medical opinions , we take our car to a few garages to get a price .
    If we have been lucky enough to have had a scientific training we may be able to follow climate science , but remember science is vast field with many different topics.I notice you were off hand about consensus implying we must unravel things for ourselves ; in the modern world we cannot do this. I’m just a layman with no higher education and there are millions like me as well as millions that can’t read or write. I accept the scientific consensus on the climate situation and understand the panic it has caused.

    • I feel sorry for you then, because you have been misled by people. Every 10-15 years they create this same sense of panic in each new generation, say we have 10 years left, then they reset and repeat. I was offhand about consensus, because if you look into the standard claim regarding the 97% consensus in climate science. This claim was made by people looking to find human caused climate change. Much of this so called science only gets funding insofar as it is looking for human influence. When you are looking for one answer you tend to find it. It’s basic philosophical fallacies involved here. Anyone can learn and get informed about this kind of use of critical reason, without needing to be a scientific specialist or expert. And, anyone, before they make grand claims, should check their sources for their credibility. The whole consensus idea is to tell people to not look at the sources and just go along with the claim anyway. This is bad reasoning, and is not excusable on account of the complexity of sciences in the modern world as you seem to think.

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