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Political Tweeting

December 3, 2019

I sometimes check out twitter to see the latest drama of the day either in Brexit or in the Trump situation. It allows me to hear from a range of voices and opinions on those debates and come to my own conclusions. As opposed to watching a mainstream news source or reading a mainstream newspaper, where you will get a pre-planned agenda mindlessly parading itself in front of you. I like to know what people think for real, in the moment, in their bones, so to speak, in their intuitions. Not what pre planned image they may like to present of themselves as above reproach.

Anyway, today, I was just reading a tweet about how the democrats in the US are mounting their campaign against the electoral college. It being correctly pointed out by a right wing opponent that this will render most states votes totally useless and irrelevant in the face of a state like California.

It got me thinking about how democracy as representation of the people is an ideal the left has been moving further and further away from for the last few years, in favor of making appeals to experts as the ultimate authority. Particularly, due to not getting the result they wanted in those recent key elections of Brexit and Trump. Anyway, it made me think to write this tweet about the left:

So all the lefts rhetoric is shaming us for having kids, climate change, poverty, abortion… while all the lefts reality is loving those who create more kids for them to exploit. They want a two tier class system, elites and proles and they want all those in between to dissolve.

I don’t say things like this having a strong, dogmatic belief in their truth, but as a way to highlight some of the conflicts and contradictions in the visions of what is good that some people have. The left for a long time has been trumpeting the idea of population control and world government. These hopes go back a long way. And its not the left as we used to know it, it’s what used to be considered liberal. People like Bertrand Russell held these views, for instance.

The turn further left I guess has come with the sacrificing of personal liberties to government in the name of hoping to guarantee more safety. Each sacrifice of this kind, moves people who may feel like they are, and may want to be liberals with all their heart and soul, but still it moves them inexorably further left. As the more you prefer safety to liberty, the more you justify a state apparatus above you to enforce that safety, and the more you take away your own responsibility for your own safety in that domain.

Bertrand Russell thought that world government would take away the ability of anyone to war with others ultimately, and he thought this was a good thing. No doubt, it sounds a nice thing. The problem is what sacrifices will be made here to ensure safety and peace. If no one has the ability to stand up against a system or society, then they have no power to influence it. To imagine that then the people at the top of this system will be benign good people, once again illustrates this same faith the left has in their elites as being incorruptible, in the face of all the conflicting evidence to this.

I don’t think we should surrender all our freedom and liberty for the sake of a bit more security. I also don’t think we should let the lefts strategy of shaming people just for being people work. There are conflicts in the heart of some of our values and one thing we can be sure of is that a reasonable resolution won’t come from the dogmatic voices on each extreme wing of the political debate.

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