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Losing Those Magical Moments

December 31, 2019

Not good enough, neither able, nor ready

A willing heart, with a fragile mind unsteady

Lost in a deep dark sea, confused and lacking hope

Missing direction, a right answer, or a definite scope.

Thinking of those magic moments promised me by a fake culture

Yet nothing remains afterwards, but a corpse and the vulture.

Human dreams ship wrecked on the terminal shore

waiting for the voice to make things right from above

waiting for the guidance to resonate to my core

Instead, there is only me delaying, refusing to love.

No longer living in the realm of right and wrong

no more poetry, only a droning monotonous song.

I expected more, some sign or signal

not vacuousness, cold and dismal.

I hold my breath and wait to be told what is best to do

Though my lungs may burst and my face turn blue..

Who took my magic moments from me,

those seconds of joy and mystery, and everlasting ecstasy?

The mystical vision seems to be dropping dead

Was it all an imagining of my fallen head?


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