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The Tendency of Well Meaning Ideas to Lead to Death Cults

January 12, 2020

The Jonestown massacre documentary I saw recently is filled with examples of how initially well meaning good ideas, degenerate into a death cult. The pattern it follows there is the same as the pattern with the left in politics as a whole right now. First, you have well meaning ideas, like equality, socialism, etc.. then you gradually become more and more distanced from your own center of being as you keep having to defer to others to be nice in order to stay in line with these ideas. Then you engage in pompous, fake acts of virtue to paper over the cracks beginning to appear. Then you become internally hollow and more and more dependent on your public image as virtuous. Finally, when reality refuses to budge in line with your well meaning ideas, and you refuse to budge anymore and accept the limitations and defeat of your ideas, you start taking the final steps towards committing murder and suicide. All the self deferral and self hate and repression comes out in one final orgy of death, followed by a crippling shame leading to suicide.

The frightening thing for me watching it, was how many of the same signs are there between that small movement, and the left now as one big movement. Will they start taking the next step sooner or later from their extreme current state of self deferral in favor of fake image, to a full blown death cult? I think, for some people at the heart of the left political movement we are already beginning to see the early signs of this. Practical and in some areas important ideas and practices related to birth control and the climate are becoming hijacked by the extremists whose own motivation for embracing these shaming controls of life is precisely because they are anti-life devices. We will have to wait and see how things develop, but my intuition is definitely that the political left is currently on a dangerous and unhealthy path.

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