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The Underdog

January 23, 2020

A constant sense of danger, a preemptive sense of foreboding

What lies in the next moment?

A vacuum somehow filled with opportunity

A void out of which all is created again and again.

Illusions of stability lead to a fear of change.

But change is the only way we continue to live

We have to place trust in the natural processes that got us here

Trust in an activity that shows no sign of greater purpose

How can one live and breathe in this realm?

A world devoid of meaning, except that which we perpetuate ourselves.

How, in good faith, can we teach the next generation?

When this thought is in the back of our minds.

We would have to acknowledge that we are frauds,

victims of some cosmic accident, driven blindly onwards.

Not truly guardians of wisdom or knowledge,

only exploiting others to further ourselves.

I cannot place trust in such a process as this.

Perhaps this explains my precarious existence,

always on the precipice of a disaster.

Battling as an underdog, against a reality that always wins.


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