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Human or Artificial Being: Natural or Artificial Selection

January 29, 2020

The secret to human thriving is inspiration and the sharp awareness of ourselves and our surroundings that comes when we are thus inspired. When we take away people’s ability to find inspiration in their being, we take away their opportunity to thrive in life.

These are the dangers of an overly circumscribed existence at the hands of technology, science and the decrees of our forerunners and the debt they place on our heads. I am thinking at this moment specifically of genetic design of babies.

This subject made me realise an important point while watching a documentary about it. What you lose with genetic tampering is the motivation for people to put effort in. More and more it will be giving people something like cheat codes for winning a game. Get this gene in your baby and he will be extra strong for sports. Get this other gene and he will be extra intelligent for learning at school. As people compete in this way, the incentive of the individual thus treated to be motivated in their actions will decay and decay, until they are hollowed out. For it will become more and more obvious to them that they are merely a victim of their circumstances one way or another. A product of human tampering and design, and restricted to these decrees.

You will be removing their spirit and inspiration with each artificial modification and dulling the soul of the community as a whole. It will spread a similar sense of defeatism, as people will see life as a game rigged before it gets started. Our natural genetics may not be a level playing field, and there are some diseases in the genetics it makes good sense to treat, but the artificial boosting of our genes creates a sense of uneasiness at the consequences. And I believe it is for the reason I have tried to highlight here.

The obsession with the outer image will lead to a corresponding hollowing of inner being. Inspiration and motivation will be lost, and human spirit and community will degenerate, as will our awareness in the present moment. We will then be less aware of our surroundings and prey to extinction through one means or another.

Just some thoughts in progress I thought I would share…


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