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Two Competing ways of Being

March 1, 2020

There are two primary ways we can choose to be in our lives in this world. These two ways correspond with the two contrasting perspectives on what life fundamentally is. On the one side, life is merely information and programming. We live by following the procedures that have worked for us, in our own life experiences through habits, and in our species’ experiences via instincts and the like. On this side also, is the temptation and likelihood of being “programmed” by other people, insofar as one remains non self aware.

On the other side, life is a battle to face the challenge of asymmetries in life, to process them into new and diverse products. Life, as I have seen it recently defined through reading a book by Stuart Kauffman, is about recognising asymmetries in the environment in order to complete work cycles. This is what our planet does with the asymmetry provided by the energy of the sun, to create a local pocket of negative entropy in the universe. We process that energy to create new levels of organisation and complexity that then self perpetuate.

As such, our goal in line with this definition is to continue this process. But it is not continued by promoting some generic ideology of progress, individualism, social justice, or whatever. It is continued through our own awareness of the unique challenges we face in our own lives to confront and continue this process of diversifying and “complex”ifying organisation.

We do have the option to sacrifice taking part in this battle by submitting to a programming where we are never aware in the moment. But this approach always ends up regressing life to a less complicated and less diversely organised state.  The battle will continue to ebb and flow, but I think it is helpful to see how the basis of it goes to the very heart of what life is, and what it is to be as a living entity. It is not merely some superficial ideological battle or tribal polarisation, though it can be used in this way parasitically. It is not merely some dualism that our minds have delusionally placed onto material reality. It is a real engagement that faces us whenever we our aware as unique beings in the present moment.

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