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CoronaVirus – How to Orchestrate an Artificial Panic

March 13, 2020

The latest version of the flu virus to emerge has been largely successfully used by the mainstream media to create panic and chaos. The people who have died are mostly elderly and ill people. No one in the liberal mainstream media is going to point this out. Each day they love emphasising increasing numbers, so that people wait with baited breath for how much the numbers of fatalities and infected people go up each day. What could be merely a set of personal tragedies is being spun into worldwide turmoil by the mainstream media, and they are loving every bit of the extra attention they are getting. Perhaps this is their big chance to try and make themselves relevant again and get control of the worldwide narrative? Perhaps it is a designed way by behind the scenes groups to cause an economic crisis that can then be used to give the flailing democrats some glimmer of hope in an election against Donald Trump? Or maybe, it is simply proof more, if ever it was needed, that the mindless zombies and parrotters of the mainstream media narrative have absolutely no sense of compassion or doing anything other than manipulating pure fear into people. They have alternately underplayed the virus at the wrong time when something actually could have been done to contain it, and now they are overplaying it, when it is absolutely impossible to contain it or do anything about it. All in an orchestrated effort to play with people and make them feel like powerless victims, begging for the latest bit of news from our media gods.

The coronavirus is unlikely to have much impact on humanity in the long term, but our own reaction to it is certainly able to have much more of an impact. I can see the potential moralisers out there ready to hark on that I am not being caring enough of these poor elderly people who are much more likely to die or be badly effected by this. But, whoever would deign to hark on in this way, would be well served to explain first how they are in a position to judge and throw the first stone. Perspective is needed, and the ability to distinguish between personal tragedies and genuine global threats. The mainstream media is perfectly able to make that distinction when it comes to car fatalities each day or regular flu fatalities, why has it suddenly lost this ability? Because the novelty gives them attention, and ultimately they are little more than attention whores for their soul-destroying recurring narrative of victimisation. People will do well to heed this warning early on. Hopefully in the future crises we will learn to not let our strings be played so easily. They are working on fear and control. It is like with 9/11 and the overreaction to this event by the US. The overreaction after it caused more problems than the event itself. I imagine we are likely to make the same error with this coronavirus, unless calmer heads can prevail and the media can be more self aware and responsible with the messages they send out to people and people can be better at discerning and filtering out the fear mongering from the genuine information about the reality of the threat.

My advice is to keep your immune system strong, avoid unnecessary contacts with other people and watch a minimal diet of television news, seeking out alternative sources of information about the virus. It is difficult even online with search engines like google to get past reporting of mere death tolls and infected tolls, for these are the engines of fear. This information serves you no purpose or value at all. The useful information is to dig for details of the cases of the people who have been infected or died from it and learn from this, the reality and true severity of the situation. This can teach you something, but it is difficult to find, and of course you won’t get any of this in the mainstream media. We could well be the harbingers of our own doom here, if we get drawn into a runaway state of fear. No one is in a position to control worldwide these kinds of diseases and outbreaks and the potential dangers of such an outbreak have been known of for some time in the light of global travel and movement. What kind of future do we want humanity to live in? One with a smidgen more control and a million times less freedom. Or are we prepared to defend some freedoms even when every now and then it grants us a little less control over life and death?

I think, as bitter and hard a pill it may be to swallow, sometimes we have to be prepared to choose the latter, because humans may come and humans may go, but our humanity itself could drag us down into a premature death as a species overall if we continue to insist on remedies and cures that are worse than the disease they prevent.

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