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Breaking the Spell of the “Scum” Media

May 26, 2020

Now that the corona virus appears thankfully to be waning in its impact, at least within much of Europe and starting to happen also in the US, we face, unfortunately, a media that will need to find something else to cackle on about to fill their 24 hour news cycle. Here in the UK, a country with probably the most corrupt and disgusting media in the whole world, in terms of the level of control it has over the public and politicians, they have decided as a monolithic entity to pursue a witchhunt of a pro brexit politician in the cabinet called Dominic Cummings.

I won’t go into the details of this story, only to say that it has led to the hash tag ScumMedia trending on twitter, for the way in which they have gone about harassing this person, for something that happened weeks ago, which they decided to only bring it up now, with Covid fear waning and needing to replace it, I suppose, with provoking another one of our strong emotions, a sense of hatred and injustice. The actual occurrence is so minor as to barely warrant discussion, suffice it to say that it has been blown up out of all proportion and has got me thinking about a more general failing of the mainstream, corporate, media.

The failing is that the profit and financial motive in pursuing stories has led to a situation where, rather than the cream coming to the top, of the media establishment, the scum has risen to the top, like on the surface of a pond. The only way to make it in this industry is to toe a party line of a certain narrative, and to be prepared to abandon your own personal sense of decency and awareness of what is right, what is true and what is real.

I think this lock down period has given a lot of people a chance to reflect and for some time to distance themselves from the spell that is the mainstream media narrative, and they are now seeing it more transparently for what it is. My personal musings on this have led me to the view that we need to seriously consider disbanding all corporate media. In looking to the details of how this could be done, I am thinking that we clearly have the technology for citizen journalism to be sufficient to help us all keep track of what is happening to each other around the world, via cheap phones, cameras and readily accessible internet media, in real time.

So, why bother keeping the corporate media? What purpose do they serve anymore other than to be used and weaponizjorued against their own people as a means of social control? I know it is easy to say these things, but of course, the reality of just switching off all corporate media would be a difficult thing for many people. And there is also the legality and practical way of enforcing it.

But my thinking is that if all money is simply taken out of journalism. If, funding cannot be given to, and is strictly forbidden from, corporate media institutions, but only allowed for individual journalists, then citizen journalism could thrive, and the motivation in the reporting would then once more be in line with a personal sense of wanting to discover and show the truth of certain events important to you in the world, and the judge of their importance would be purely the people who decide and choose to follow what you have to share.

When you have a corporate media that is driven first and foremost by pleasing their superiors in the organisation and pleasing their shareholders and advertisers, you have a system rife for corruption that has become more and more distanced from the reality that everyday people care about and want to embrace.

So, could there be a way to practically implement a total disbanding of corporate media organisations in favor of pure citizen journalism? The technology is there to achieve this, but is the will power in people there to help bring it about? And are people willing to permanently break the spell from the comfortable, lazy, mainstream mononarrative, which, although being obviously fake and contrived, does seem to provide a sense of comfort and helps garner in us a lack of personal unease and responsibility for what is going on in the world?

I hope so, I hope we can make ourselves more accountable as citizens for what is going on in the world, and render corporate media obsolete. So much corruption we think of as purely governmental corruption is actually largely due to the corporate media. For at least 2 or 3 generations the politicians have had to abide by whatever image the corporate media decides for them, under threat of some dirt being dug up on them and plastered in the public eye. It is easier than ever to find some dirt on anyone if you dig enough and put it in the spotlight enough. And over time, this led to media being able to set the political agenda, much more than the politicians themselves.

Trump was merely the beginning to a reaction to this endemically corrupt state of affairs. The next steps need to now be considered seriously and pondered over, for where we are going to take our society in the future? I don’t think a mere emphasis on free market capitalism and populist nationalism is going to be sufficient to get us very far. More specific and positive visions need to be found. I think one could be something like the approach I have began to try and outline above regarding a move to a pure citizenry journalism.

If we want to try and continue the Western traditions long pursuit of, and embracing of, individual freedoms, then I think some positive and specific ideas like this is what we need to be moving on to. Generic ideologies regarding free-markets and populism may give a good platform from which to criticise certain left-wing collectivist dogmas and authoritarian censorship, but they are lacking a positive vision that needs to be found to allow us to remove dependence on merely criticising the failings of other perspectives. If you have this latter dependence you rely on keeping your opponent alive in order to continue criticising them, but this not a healthy state of dependence, and it is something we all need to begin thinking about specific steps to take, for how we can move beyond this tumultuous chapter in human history once and for all.

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