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Media Incited Riots, Editors disguised as Fact Checkers. Another day in a Western Paradise!

May 29, 2020

Trump has taken a recent action to put a stop to the censorship and bias of social media. In recent times these organisations employed teams of editors disguised as fact checkers, and so, became publishers, rather than merely neutral platforms. They cannot have this both ways. They must accept the accountability that comes with being a publisher, including that they can be sued legally for the content that they publish, or they must go back to being a neutral platform and stop the censorship of opinions their editors, disguised as fact checkers, don’t like.

The whole notion of fact checkers has become a bit of a farce. For starters, the very notion of fact checking assumes an accepted factual consensus in political areas of discourse where of course there is no such consensus. Alongside this, they have clearly and inevitably been used and weaponised by certain leftist organisations to create an echo chamber of opinion which backs each other up by echoing back at each other, as if this echo represents some factual consensus in the objective world, when it is merely people bouncing their own opinions off the wall, and claiming the echo to be confirmation of their opinions.

Combine these censorship attempts with the mainstream news that is keen to censor social media in line with its narrative and you have a very dangerous combination. It is so sad to see the recent events. Here in the UK, a witch hunt was conducted by the media on an individual that the media doesn’t like, while in the US a race war has been stoked through various news stories the mainstream media has decided to spotlight over the last few weeks, often with partial and misleading information about these events being provided. From the infamous “jogger” to the hysterical woman in a New York park, scared of losing her dog who called the police on the African American man who had threatened to lure her dog away from her.

The result of these has now led to the latest Minnesota incident. The mainstream media had primed people to feel a deep sense of injustice, based on these prior false narratives, and so this real, and tragic incident, has led to a terrible reaction of riots and violence. These riots won’t help serve justice for the individual concerned. They won’t help the communities who are the victims of these vicious cycles of crime either. They will only reinforce them all the more. It is a very sad thing to see, and I think a lot of the violent action is from radical activist leftist groups who are taking advantage of this incident to cause mayhem and chaos, rather than from the communities themselves in the area.

The mainstream media stokes peoples emotions. The fear of Covid was waning, and they had to replace it with something else. A lot of pent up frustration was used and abused by the mainstream media to whip up a frenzy of felt injustice. The result has not been justice being served, the result has been that justice has been removed from the whole equation in favor of mindless violence and riots.

How sad and pathetic the whole thing is. Will the mainstream media be held accountable? Will their corporate status be broken up? If they are going to use their power in over reach to control even all of social media to fit in line with their opinions, then they are asking for trouble. You cannot put free thought in strait jackets. You cannot control everybody’s reactions by reducing them to emotive beings. If you try, either society collapses, or you fail and the people who refuse to be manipulated rise up against you. I am hoping and counting on the latter.


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