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Scientific Heretics: Truth and Insight

June 27, 2020

Many scientists have to deal with the fate of being silenced by their peers for having dangerous ideas. The current mainstream position on science has become ever more stuck in its way. This is what happens when truth becomes institutionalised. Each generation tends to accelerate the process in a case of positive feedback, with the conditioning of each succeeding generation happening faster and at a younger and more tender age.

I considered a couple of these scientific heretics in An Underground Journey Through 20th Century Philosophy, in the guise of the ideas of Rupert Sheldrake and David Bohm. Their heresy consisted primarily in denying the all-pervasiveness of the materialist arena of space and time, where everything must and can only act locally via mechanical causes and nothing can act non-mechanically or at a distance. Their respective notions of Morphic Resonance in Biological organisms and of the Implicate Order in quantum phenomena, flew in the face of this space-time pre-determining framework.

I watched a new video today with Mark Vernon and Rupert Sheldrake discussing the ideas of David Bohm and an upcoming movie about him:

They talked about the ideas of Bohm and the resistance he faced due to being against the dominant materialist paradigm, and in the comments section someone remarked how strange it is that science is still so dogmatic. Asking, where are the open minds. I responded by pointing out that science has become a social institution, and as such, its first priority is toward maintaining its status as that institution, rather than upholding truth and sincerity. So, when the latter get in the way of the former, it is most often the latter now that must fall by the wayside. Here is my response in full:

Science is a social institution, and look how much power it is scooping up in the current world via mainstream education of young kids whose parents have less influence over them being too busy both working full time jobs. The techniques of manipulation in advertising and the mainstream media that indoctrinate the young kids. The medicines people are forced to take, that can create addictions and withdrawals. All of this is part of science. Not just the trailblazing theoretical physicists like Einstein, etc. I think there is a lot of romanticisation of science based on that era of success from around Newton to Einstein, which is just not connected with the reality of what most science has now become. The more institutionalised in the ways I mentioned above that it has become , the less flexibility it has to talk freely about many subjects. It has become more and more crystallised into a hardened structure. So, in sum, don’t let science take the lead on your thinking. Let your thinking take the lead on science. Of course, in this latter route, you will face many attacks and much ridicule from those defending the status quo, but such is the way it always has been and probably always will. I think we need to lose this newly acquired western notion of dependence on the benevolence of certain social institutions and putting too much trust in them, that has led us into complacency and got us right now into a lot of spiritual trouble.

The insight moment for me in writing this was the freeing notion that we need to break away from a reliance on an institutional back up to our ideas. Be it science, religion or anything else. The Western World has become hypnotised by a sense of the state and social institutions as a required overseer on all things. But, they cannot be an overseer on truth and reality. Only truly independent, individual insight and creativity can be a source for this. We need to stop imagining that social institutions are going to catch up to and reinforce and respect our ideas when they are true. Far from it, social institutions will knock down those ideas as dangerous, particularly because they are true. There was a honey moon period when science was indeed in touch with truth and reality, but that is now long gone. It’s scattered remains were finally spread sometime around the 9/11 catastrophe, though it had actually died around 30-40 years earlier than that.

The recent new alternative ideas attacking the mainstream media and the leftist consensus found in popular culture and celebrities, is suffering from the same mistake in imagining that by pointing out truths and reality, they are going to get some sort of validation from “the system”, from social institutions. The ideas will not get that validation, because this is not the lot, this is not the hand that has been dealt to heretics throughout pretty much any period in history. Expect resistance, expect screaming and shouting, expect mindless rage, don’t expect a reasonable discussion or appreciation. And stop looking for legitimisation from the very institutions that are currently in place to suppress your ideas, thinking and appreciation of truth and reality. This was a mistake, and a lesson we are now learning very fast. And on the positive side, this is all very good, ultimately for our personal journeys towards spiritual growth.

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