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Encroaching Global Fascism

August 6, 2020

It may sound melodramatic and cliché to talk of an encroachment of global fascism, but I think this is a key part of what we are currently witnessing in the world. Covid 19, whether it exists as a new version of the flu virus or not, seems pretty irrelevant, when you bear in mind that the flu virus mutates all the time, and recognise that the data has clearly been in for all to see now for some time with the death rates, that this virus is at the most a slightly worse than regular flu.

The conclusion of this sentence should mean the conclusion of our obsessive concern with this virus. But, instead, the virus is being used as a trojan horse to bring in all sorts of fascistic measures of government control over the population. The fear people have being exploited by turning peoples attention from deaths to “cases” of Covid 19, in the summer months, when very inconveniently for our would be controllers and their minions, very few people die of these types of viruses. One has to bear in mind here when the word “government” is used not to confuse it with the puppet politicians we see in the foreground. The true “government”, includes primarily the rich elite owners of powerful corporations in the world and the intelligence agencies and “sources” that prompt the mainstream media with their daily narrative and agenda.

This slightly worse than regular flu virus, is being claimed as a “pandemic”, and restrictions are encroaching ever more on all of the free human beings and citizens of this world. From censorship on social media to more and more impositions on our daily activities, the combination allows them to mask the truth, while they put masks over our mouths in a symbolic act of acquiescence with this grand lie.

The primary cause of this collapse of western civilisation and its freedoms, is an over reliance and increased over dependence on the welfare state safety net, combined with the continued rampant individualism of selfish materialism. Both of these factors are two sides of the same coin that come from the adoption of the “faith” of humanistic atheism. This faith renders people only able to find meaning in pursuing material wealth, whilst also relying on a welfare state due to the fractured community mistrust this pursuit of material wealth promotes.

That welfare state has now turned into a behemoth. The rich can no longer maintain it. The influx of mass migration helped delay the inevitable, but the refusal of communities already deeply fractured to allow any further fracturing with more migration, combined with the increased refusal of following or pursuing the materialistic road to success and “meaning” in life, have created a crisis for the rich controllers, who know no longer how to motivate people to act. The carrot on the stick that we are supposed to chase has gone. This was meant to keep us on the right track with their agenda. So, how else can they keep us on the right track?

The new approach we are now seeing: Rather than lure people with a carrot on a stick, people are being nudged into a self imposed enslavement with a stockholm syndrome style of intimidation, that gradually imposes on you piece by piece, like the frog slowly being boiled in the pot of water.

It had to happen at some point that materialistic selfishness and over extended welfare states would no longer be able to combine to create a meaningful path and goal for people in life. The crisis is now here, the behemoth created is now eating itself, and this is the global fascism now encroaching upon us all. The challenge for humanity is to find a new path forward for a meaningful life, now that the humanistic atheist project has clearly and terminally been defeated. Global fascism represents its failure, and for the sake of the world and future generations we now have to discover another way, with quiet and steady determination in the face of grave dangers and constant intimidation.

Much of my thoughts and ideas for this post inspired by this David Icke conversation with his son from today: Fake Tests – Fake Cases – Fake Reasons for Lockdown

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