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The Surplus Population

August 24, 2020

Around 10 years ago I started on, and completed the first part of a fictional, dystopian story called The Happiness Equation. The setting of that story was a near future society where there was a problem of how to manage human relations in an ever more complex, interconnected and at times chaotically unpredictable world. The issue with the failings of natural science at comprehending social relationships was explained as were the various failings of social science. In the book, a synergetic science was proposed by the main protagonist to combine the social and natural sciences in a way that would allow a harmony to be maintained among human social relations, via what was called a happiness equation.

As the story developed, there was a conflict between these relatively isolated elite groups and the poorer people who were outside the building protesting the way in which the surplus population were being treated in society. It kind of reminded me of the problems we now have in society. The chaotic world, that sets the problem situation, is the hypernormalised world we live in today. And the surplus population are like the rioters and protesters of this year, who, in the light of covid, it seems a whole younger generation of people are having their future possibilities in society taken away from right in front of their eyes, by a new deeply demoralising normal.

One thing I never allowed for back in that book is that I had no sense of the reality of an evil elite group running the affairs of society. If I knew what I did now, and was motivated to write something of that kind, I would include that group as a key element getting in the way of the plans of the protagonist in trying to implement his happiness equation to bring society into harmony.

Lets try two hypotheses and apply them to reality, this is something that can easily be done without committing to their absolute reality, but just with in mind they could be possibilities.

First hypothesis: there is an elite evil group, and they are trying to decide what to do with the surplus population we are now presented with. In this hypothesis Covid and the excessive lockdowns it has spawned can easily be seen as the beginnings of a strategy for dealing with this surplus population. First, through lockdown, a load of poorer older people in care homes had their regular treatments withheld from them, and died of various causes including often respiratory problems, that could then conveniently be chalked up and covered up as Covid deaths. The second phase, now in full swing, is through the lockdown to take away opportunities for jobs and education for a whole younger generation, who are given no choice but to engage in their own little groups and get involved in often very dumb, small minded activist political protests and riots. In this way, they are then used to attack other poor people, and in the process some more vulnerable groups are gradually removed from our society.

Second hypothesis: people cannot help but compete with each other for the right to reproduce, and in a society with a surplus population and much less opportunity for many people to reproduce, they will have no choice but to battle with each other for that right, leading to major civil unrest all over the world.

The end result I believe, on either hypothesis, is one very realistic solution in which people are either gradually culled in ways like with this lockdown and covid, or with a further hypernormalisation process and removal of people from reality through technological distractions to keep them occupied and not fighting with each other on the streets and for the right to reproduce.

Whether there is an evil elite group or not, things could well play out in this way, because this could just be the way that a surplus population pushes a society. In this sense, you can perhaps see why these weird and possibly evil elites want to hook everybody up to technology. They know that if too many people are in touch with reality, conflicts and chaos are inevitable. There is only so much reality to go around, and a surplus population by definition are surplus to requirements in that reality.

Some such thing as this I think would make a much more realistic and dystopian style conclusion to that book I started but never finished many years ago. I had hoped for a happiness equation, a solution in which we could be brought into harmony and still in touch with reality. I still hold out hope in myself, that such an increased level of awareness could lead us to a peaceful society. Because the only alternative is an authoritarian nightmare, of either mass culling of surplus people, or mass plugging in of people to a fake world of soma. I.e. 1984 or Brave New World. I don’t think there can be a political solution to this current crisis.

In the background right now plays the song Exo-Politics by Muse. A song that has been resonating with me this past week, after not listening to it in a long time, perhaps not since when I was originally writing the happiness equation. Here is a taster of the lyrics, including a question and maybe for each of us there is an answer:

As conspiracies unwind
Will you slam shut
Or free your mind
Or stay hypnotized

This seems to sum up the options we are presented with. In the song I think there is a reference to the conspiracy regarding aliens, but I see this as metaphor for a level of reality we are hiding from. In this current case, that reality may well be merely human all too human, rather than entailing some far flung out entities, as in the hypotheses I considered. And as in the lyrics later in this song, I am still waiting patiently for the sign. Well, we need to be ready, because the first sign of the game plan is in action all around us right now, with Covid fear and lockdowns. Time to free our minds and find a real way to relate peacefully with others, or find ourselves slammed shut in an authoritarian nightmare or hypnotised by technological, hypernormalised distractions.

Make your choice…

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