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The Erosion of the Hippocratic Oath

October 30, 2020

I have been perusing some of the latest UK government figures on Covid 19 and Flu and Influenza deaths and cases and comparing this year and last year. I find that last weeks figures is the first time since around the middle of May when the weekly death rate is starting to trend above the expected normal or baseline level. However, still in that week not enough for them to call it a week of excess death. Yet, we have already supposedly been in fear of this thing for months and throughout the whole summer when there was no excess if we are to follow the mainstream media. What is going on here? How can they expect to create trust and confidence in the public when they promote hysteria and lies to them all the time?

There are a number of aspects to the problem here, but I think in general to blame in retrospect in some future society, we will see is that it was due to erosion of the Hippocratic oath under socialised forms of medicine and health care. As much as these types of welfare measure have short term potential benefits, in the long run, if they lead to the erosion of the integrity of people in medicine then no institutional frameworks are going to stop those people from doing bad things and exploiting the system.

One example with this covid 19 has been two very irresponsible things. On one side there has been the over reporting of deaths by covid 19 by conflating deaths with covid 19. If you don’t think this is happening, just take a look at government statistics for which I will provide a link. You will see many figures showing that they are only diagnosing covid 19 currently, and all other respiratory illnesses are simply not being diagnosed. There is literally 1 case of 1 type of influenza in the last week throughout the country, and 1 or 2 cases of another type of influenza throughout the country. Meaning that other types of flu are currently flatlining at zero. Now, if you combine this with lack of excess mortality over all causes throughout the country, you would think that would be reason for not panicking, and for treating this Covid-19 as just the latest flu mutation.

Instead we have panic, which brings us to the other point of irresponsibility which is in relation to the care homes, and the sending of positive covid 19 people there and causing localised pandemics in care homes. There are many other things that could be pointed out. For instance, all the people not going to get diagnoses for other health problems, such as cancers, and potentially going to be dropping dead of those kinds of health problems in the coming months and years. No doubt, we will sweep up as many of those deaths to covid 19 as we can by putting all the elderly and vulnerable locked away in care homes unable to see their families.

Something extremely sinister is going on with all this. And I think the erosion of the Hippocratic oath under our health care systems is a contributing factor. The oath includes such statements as this:

I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous...

Into whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption;

From the text of the Hippocratic Oath (c. 400 BC) provided in a translation from Greek by Francis Adams (1849).

Sending people off to care homes, and locking them away from seeing their families, was clearly a violation of this oath. The bigger the bureacracy involved in providing health care the less individual responsibility is take for the consequences of ones own actions, and this is illustrated pointedly by the fear and hysteria that is created by over diagnosing deaths with covid as deaths of covid. And by positive cases not involving any deaths, as in younger age groups. No one is seeing how the actions impact and cause a chain reaction throughout the whole society of hysteria on side and cynicism and lack of trust on the other.

We will see the consequences more and more of what it is like to live in a society that does not respect the Hippocratic oath in the coming generations, I expect, and perhaps it will collapse trust in the society and lead to the collapse of other things. One advantage the current rulers have is the ability to control the public emotionally. An awful lot of psy-op games are being played with people currently to create a kind of worldwide stockholm syndrome effect of us becoming dependent on our abusers and so having to defend their crimes and abuses. You can see it in all popular entertainment and sport and mainstream media with the implementation of irrational practices and the promotion of irrational responses such as misguided activism motivated by shame, envy, resentment and self hatred rather than by a good positive vision for society.

They have got us currently by the short and curlies, to use an old phrase. Will that grip be tight enough for their rule to survive the erosion of the Hippocratic oath? We will see how things go, but one thing I will be sure to do, is I will continue to watch on with reasonable eyes and an absence of hysteria and paranoia to help get to the bottom of the facts of what is going on. Truth, realism and integrity will always have their day in the face of those irrealists and irrationalists who would prefer to wrap us up in comforting illusions.

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