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The US Election Debacle

November 7, 2020

Election Night, Tuesday 3rd of November. Around 9pm ET, Joe Biden, far behind in multiple key states: Around 700,000 votes behind in Pennsylvania, around 300,000 votes behind in Michigan, around 100,000 votes behind in Wisconsin, comes out to make a statement. He declares flatly in the face of the current trends that he is “winning” Michigan and Wisconsin. But that it is time to go to bed and stop counting votes for the night…

The vote count goes flat, no votes are counted for two hours. Trump comes out to speak, perplexed at both the Media in their early calling of Arizona for Biden alongside their refusal to call Pennsylvania and Michigan for himself. Soon after everyone goes to sleep, all the independent people watching the vote counts are told to go away for the night. There will be no more counted votes tonight. Then, magically, in the dead of night, a batch of votes come tumbling in, all for Joe Biden in Wisconsin and Michigan and some time later also in Pennsylvania. Statistically impossible trends emerge, and the election steal is on.

In the following days we learn of the extent of the fraud. Republican vote checkers, illegally being refused access to observe the postal ballots to check their legitimacy in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and Detroit. Atlanta, Georgia, will later be seen to have the same issue. While the mainstream media hacks refuse to cover any of these accounts and experiences, instead covering them up, and themselves claiming WITHOUT EVIDENCE that there is no voter fraud in the election.

The mainstream media and their phoney polls and their one-sided biased narrative do not get to decide this election. The LEGALLY voting American people do. Trump got around 4 million more votes than in 2016, yet still lost? Biden secured more votes than any other candidate in history? Including massive runs of almost 100% in corrupt democratic cities where they were refusing people access to watch the counting? Machines in Michigan give 5,000 Trump votes to Biden by a “glitch”, later corrected. This same machine being used in multiple other locations.

Reports of back dated postal votes, reports of dead people voting. The system has been rigged in the most blatant, transparent and despicable manner. And no amount of mainstream media cover up is going to change this fact. The mainstream media have been criticised by me for a long time, and I hope to God more people will realise just why, as a result of events like this. All that is wanted is a fair count of legal votes. And legal protocol being followed in the voting places.

I feel extremely sorry for the US and its citizens that it has been exposed to this level of corruption by its big cities. And by its mainstream media. It is in one sense an unfortunate consequence of the extreme individualism of the American way of life. There is no community spirit, no sense of fair play. Just layers and layers of people having to watch over other people, because no one can be trusted to act in any way other than their own selfish interests. The mail in voting also incentivised corruption and was duly exploited in this manner.

Do you think any republican Trump supporter is going to accept this ridiculous sequence of events as benign? Even most democrats and independents are quiet and muted because they know something ludicrous has taken place. Something that cannot be supported in any reasonable manner. Regardless now of the result, the legal battles will either force recounts or re-votes, or the making void of many of the late votes casted for Biden in key states. And then the democrat side will be up in fury. If none of this legal process is allowed to take place, then the republicans will be up in fury. You are left with a country whose polarised division is going to be magnified many times over. This cannot be good for the US or for its allies or anyone in the Western world. It will only be good for the few tech giant overlords and for the enemies of the western way of life.

We can only keep on fighting in the name of human being and human spirit until this paper tiger of fear, division and control comes crashing down to the ground under the weight of its own lies.

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