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The Assault on Freedom

November 14, 2020

A lot of people I notice, including myself, are starting to be overcome by a wave of depression and despair at the way the world is going. The people have been disenfranchised this past few years by a relentless assault via the mainstream media and social media of perpetual gaslighting of us. And it has accelerated massively this year, with the unmerited Covid hysteria, which is a complete creation of mainstream media, and the shambolic, deeply disturbing and fraudulent US election, in which democracy, denied by democrats for the past 4 years, who refused to accept the result of the past election and utilised a bunch of conspiracy theories about Russia and Ukraine, has officially been killed by those same people.

And the whole time while doing it they constantly gaslight people about what is actually going on, to try and force them into submission by projecting their own corruption on to their enemies, and just relentlessly repeating it over and over to try and make it true.

The amount of times the mainstream media, prior to any investigation being allowed or pursued, has pre decided that there is “no widespread evidence of voter fraud” is ridiculous. They repeat this mantra 24/7 to try and make it a fact and to undermine any possible audit or justice with recounting. So called “democrats” are actively blocking recounts and audits of votes in areas with known corruption and fraud, and hundreds of independent witnesses and allegations. At the same time as calling for unity under “president elect” Biden. Unity!? Four years of witch hunt by these democracy denying conspiracy theorists. Now they try to gaslight the whole last four years out of our memories and out of existence by talking about unity.

Trump, or no Trump, I have been an avowed enemy of the mainstream media for at least 20 years. Any call to unity from them, who have been engaging in a constant psy-op against the people all that time, dividing us, provoking racial riots with misinformation about multiple incidents, provoking hysteria about multiple things. Engaging in a 4 year witch hunt campaign against a democratically elected president. Covering for his political opponent. Using social media to censor dissenting views and employing armies of “fact-checkers” to enforce their narrative against any other.

Their “fact-checkers” are just the latest disinformation purveyors in our world. Remember how you used to get those arrogant “debunkers”, who all ended up getting shown up for the shills that they are, when exposed in intellectual and competitive debate in online podcasts on places such as youtube? Those same people became the “fact-checkers”. They are exactly the same as the debunkers, except they are faceless, unaccountable and unwilling to debate or argue their point of view!!

This is the kind of shambolic, dystopian situation we are up against. Perhaps, I will have to become more active in this arena, and convert to providing more of an information and journalist style service. Because, I don’t see any hope for any worthwhile freedoms being preserved for me and for others in the near future if I don’t do something more active.

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