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Mainstream Media Lies, the Rarity of Truth Telling, and Manifesting your Fears

January 13, 2021

The past week or so has certainly been a whirlwind of craziness. The president of the United States was banned from all social media, and his message to his supporters to go home and be peaceful was censored, so that the mainstream media could run a fraudulent narrative to set up another, and pointless impeachment process. This was not the only thing the mainstream media lied about regarding the events the past weekend. They also covered up the fact that many were allowed into the capitol building by police and were walking around the building taking selfies like tourists, and many others were of course provoked into the violence by Antifa infiltrators. None of this matters to the mainstream media, just like their hypocrisy and double standard compared to their coverage of the “mostly peaceful” BLM and Antifa riots last year doesn’t matter to them.

And it all comes down to the fact that truth telling is a rare thing, and even rarer among people in positions of power and influence. Anyone within a mainstream media organisation has already gone through years of conditioning to speak and act in certain ways in order to get ahead in their career. And the only ones filtered through, who make it, are the ones prepared to sacrifice their own sense of what is right and what is true, to whatever the agenda of the day tells them to report on. I have many times in my own life faced that position and temptation to tell comfortable or convenient lies in situations where I felt the pressure of those around me who had influence to do it. Resisting has meant losing work, losing money and losing friends on many occasions for myself. This kind of ability to sacrifice to truth is actually a surprisingly rare thing.

To just list a few more of the lies in relation to the current UK situation regarding Covid. The government has reinstated, the past few months, classifying anyone who dies within 2 months of a positive covid test as counting as a covid death. The massive inflation of the covid deaths this entails has been swept under the carpet by the mainstream media who are happy to go along with a fear narrative that benefits them and government control, while hurting and punishing everybody else in the country, by being used to justify yet another lockdown and perhaps more controlling measures soon to come. Overall mortality throughout the UK this winter was actually on a par with two of the three previous winters, which is pretty astounding given the fact we are supposedly under assault both from a deadly virus and deadly lockdowns that are now actively denying people even regular critical hospital treatments such as in relation to Cancers.

You would think this remarkable fact would be almost a cause for great celebration… But alas, for the mainstream media the spring time excess now allows them to run the narrative that it is the worst year for mortality since world war two. Can one imagine the level of psychological abuse they are engaging in against the people. It is absolutely sickening to me to see what is being done. But I have been calling this stuff out for many years, and I hope many other people are now also seeing through all the lies.

It seems to me this whole new dystopian nightmare we have found ourselves in started out with very small, seemingly insignificant things some years ago, where a few of us at first refused to go along with certain mainstream narratives and perspectives, which we felt to be, plain and simply, lies. From the 9/11 shambolic justification for searching for WMD’s in Iraq as an excuse to overthrow countries in the middle east and destabilise the region, to the fake virtue signalling of corrupt individuals who we are supposed to admire, not for the content of their character, but solely based on their gender or the colour of their skin, and in complete ignorance of their character. Then on to this whole liberal delusion that equal democratic rights makes us all factually the same and naturally the same in every way. If only they could have accepted the bitter pill of truth, that what you want to be the case doesn’t guarantee that you can make it the case. Instead, they put their heads deep in the sand and allowed this nightmare to develop at breakneck pace.

Now we don’t even have a democracy, other than in empty title, worth talking of. The excuse of covid restrictions and mail in voting will be used to engage in fraud and steal every election in the US and the UK at least for a generation to come, where the numbers will simply be created to support the party they want, regardless of the initial numbers by finding pallets and pallets of extra mail in ballots after the initial counting to fix the result how they want it. And so talk of equality is not even true politically between people now, let alone it being true in some deluded way of every aspect and quality of each of us.

There will end the diatribe for the time being. I want to end with something more positive, at least for our own spiritual growth, which is that we have to realise how by fearing and obsessing too much on certain things we can manifest them into reality. All the conspiracy and dystopian fears of the past few generations seem now to be coming to pass. I don’t think this is coincidence, in the sense that , I also don’t think all those conspiracy theorists were “right” strictly speaking, generations ago. These events haven’t necessarily happened due to some outside conspiracy of some evil group, we have contributed significantly to their creation by thinking so much on this stuff that we have manifested it into reality. Our lack of self love, our lack of love for our neighbours and the people immediately around us, alongside our over consumption of distractions and social media has created a monster of a society where there is no trust, no community, and only safe spaces and resentment.

The human mind is a powerful thing, and we need to learn two main lessons from all of the recent events. Firstly, and obviously, to ignore all the fear porn and fear mongering of the mainstream media and be aware that they are not in the industry of telling the truth, for there has never been and never will be such an industry because truth telling is a rare thing. And, secondly, to be more aware and cognizant of our own mental powers of manifesting our own fears into being in society, and be more responsible in future so that we can learn to manifest better things in our future world.

I used to have a recurring dream when I was young that I was being chased by some being or entity, a bit like the faceless pursuit that exposes our psychological fears and anxieties portrayed in the movie Duel. Over time I learned a way to lucid dream so I could face that being, one day I stopped running, turned around to face my enemy and found that there was nothing to be afraid of at all. Until we, as a community, do an act of this kind, the monster of fear we are manifesting is just going to get bigger and bigger. But we can only do it when we realise we have the power and freedom to do it, and when we realise it is our own power and freedom in the first place that is manifesting the whole thing.

Stay safe and healthy: Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc for these cold, dark and wet winter months and keep up the fight for the freedom of the human spirit!

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