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China Joe

January 20, 2021

As China Joe takes office in the US, it is time for reflection on how we let Chinese propaganda infiltrate every aspect of Western society and how they managed to fool weak minded liberals on the left that this was a good thing, or at least managed to get them to sell out any values and principles they once had to Chinese money. The problem I think comes down to the rampant materialism, atheism and general lack of belief that has gained massive momentum in the whole Western world ever since the world wars. For a while, values were maintained along side the rise of this scourge, but with faltering economic growth, lack of opportunities or motivations to pursue worthwhile careers and an ever burgeoning debt and welfare state that could not be paid for, we have gradually become the weak shadow of our once great selves.

The Western diversity model has failed, it has made us weak and easily exploited by opportunistic others who have no such interest in diversity. It has also made us easy to divide by a hostile media who have been bought and paid for and who lost their journalistic integrity a long time ago. Indeed, by the standards of the left these days, things such as truth and reality don’t even exist anymore for there to be anything to have integrity relative to.

The psychological operation of enforced mask wearing, exaggerated virus deaths and cases, forcing people to distance from others, has all contributed to this final dissolution of Western society and our media all were and are implicit in this process. People have become fatally corrupted and mentally weakened, and I find myself deeply ashamed and disgusted with what we have become. A military coup was required alongside a sham election, alongside a year of covid lies and distortion from the mainstream media.

What these soulless filth may not realise is that some of us still respect truth and reality and have minds strong enough to face that reality, and will never forget this pathetic charade we have been subjected to this past year, and what motivated it. From now on, whereever you hear consensus science or consensus opinion in the mainstream media, you can rest assured that means what the CCP approves us to believe about science in the West, under threat of losing jobs and money and reputation.

It is a dark and black time ahead, so be prepared and be ready, support only your local community and completely ignore the fake global scene. They are all puppets and actors, playing a role for their puppet masters. Truth, has merely been seen and acknowledged for long enough, now it must be fought for.

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