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Book Review: The Godmakers, Frank Herbert

February 18, 2021
The GodmakersThe Godmakers by Frank Herbert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This makes a good and reasonable condensed version of some of the central spiritual and philosophical concepts underlying the Dune novels. If you have read those in the past, like myself, it can provide an interesting summary. If you have not read them, it could whet your appetite to explore Herbert’s world further with the Dune series.

As in Dune, a key point is that a close balance between chaos and order must be maintained for civilisation to persist in health and vigour. And the way to do this is by keeping in touch with, or rediscovering, our deep instinctual and spiritual pasts and channelling these energies, rather than trying to deny, repress, or overcome them.

Only in that way can we become “Godmakers”, rather than merely idol worshippers.

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