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The New Authoritarianism

April 30, 2021

We need to forget worrying about the extreme right and the extreme left, the new version of authoritarianism threatening society is neutral between these two outdated political ideologies. The new authoritarianism is the exploitation of extreme wealth disparity to effectively hold people hostage to that wealth. And to hold people hostage to anyone who has positions within the current bureaucratic system. This new authoritarianism is targeting any and all ways in which people have some independence of that system, and is putting people into a relationship of a cycle of abuse with the authorities from which there is no escape and to which many are submissive in a Stockholm syndrome kind of way.

Seeing children masking up to compete in sports and to go to school, and the case of a teacher in the US being sacked for refusing to enforce masks on students during sports, are just some of the examples of a new low of human control in line with the new authoritarianism. Countries that have had little covid obey the same authoritarian mandates as countries that have had supposedly loads of covid regardless of all extenuating factors. In the UK, I can manage by not meeting up with other people indoors to avoid places where masking is required, and I have refused to this point to wear a mask once. I am not going to assist authoritarians in their mindless mandates. And if that means avoiding many opportunities to socially interact with people in person then I will do that rather than play along with this obvious Stockholm syndrome inducing game.

The compliance and mask wearing is like in the old story of the emperor with no clothes. Everyone puts on a pretence that the emperor has clothes on out of fear of disobeying authority. The reason most people are masking is out of fear that more lockdown restrictions will be enacted, if they are seen to not be complying by hiding behind a mask, not because they have a genuine fear of a virus. This is the sad reality, and it is the reason I refuse to comply with it. Any act done purely as token gesture rather than because you feel it in your own being is giving away some of your freedom and selling away a bit of your soul. They want to scrape away at peoples souls and peoples “Being” till there is no freedom left, and then the authoritarians will have achieved their goal, which is to convince people they have no freedom so that they give it away, for free, ironically enough.

We need to discover a new core of freedom to defend in this new era against all these encroachments. It is difficult and will take time in this globally interconnected world with technology and computer dependence of so many activities, but I think there is a way to discover this core of freedom, and it will be a true and reasonable and impenetrable defence against authoritarianism, unlike all the ideological distractions on the left and the right, which provide no answer, no solace, only stress, confusion and more division.

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