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Book Review: Science and the Akashic Field, Ervin Laszlo

September 30, 2021
Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of EverythingScience and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything by Ervin Laszlo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is a lot good about the way this book is organised and presented. And the quality of the information provided is up to date with recent developments in science at the time of writing. Accurate analogies are formed between current science and a more field based approach to reality, and some of the arguments particularly in the area of biology are very nuanced and hard to criticise.

In the area of quantum physics an interesting perspective is presented but too often it feels to me like he is sharing others ideas without a proper acknowledgement of this fact. This whole idea of an informational perspective in quantum theory is actually to a large extent in line with the accepted model, the problem, now as always, has been how this can be made consistent with general relativity. I don’t feel the depth of some of these more technical problems is truly appreciated, certainly not to the same level as physicists and thinkers such as Roger Penrose, Julian Barbour and Lee Smolin.

To talk of consciousness and panpsychism as features inherent in reality is a kind of way to sidestep the measurement problem in quantum theory rather than solving it to my mind. Or certainly, if this view is going to be taken up, one is going to have to reject many other features of the mainstream physics model of curved space, black holes and general relativity. Unless one wants this informational field to be a purely ghostly mental entity akin to Descartes dualist cogito with no influence on physical reality.

The issue is that if there is a pervading field, of any kind with any physical effect, this will be a form of ether, and to defend this requires many modifications of the Einsteinian paradigm which is premised on the absence of ether and the reality instead of curved empty space and time. These questions are not addressed, and the philosophical perspective on consciousness I dont really feel gets very deep into the problems involved in that area.

However, as I said, the ideas in relation to biology I found to be the most up to date, relevant and fascinating for this kind of perspective, compared to the standard and outdated Darwinian dogma. Lets hope more and more can bring these ideas into common acceptance so we can move past some of the delusions that evolution by purely random genetic mutations of isolated selfish beings can account for any of the intricate evolutionary symbiosis we actually see between species. Quantum theory applied to biology and epigenetics take us way beyond this perspective already, and it would be good to see this frontier science more reflected in everyday peoples attitudes towards and understanding of science, rather than the usual ideological cold view of scientific reality that is expounded thoughtlessly by many.

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