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Stopping the Rot at the Core of Our Society

October 19, 2021

The rot has been set into place in our society through bitterness and resentment. A sense pervades our being through education and work that we are being cheated of our value and joy in life. The education system works to disempower us by informing us we live in a universe of mostly empty space in which everything is accelerating away from us at high speeds. And that we live on a planet that is being made dirty and swiftly uninhabitable by our very presence. Add to this, they educate us, that we only emerged through a random series of accidents and arbitrary collisions and explosions, and so we cannot take any credit for existing either. We are just replaceable numbers with no distinctive marks of being. Nothing to take pride, joy or find meaning in. We are then asked disingenuously to marvel still at this universe when the rug has been pulled from under our feet and as we are falling to the ground confused and lost.

No, this system will not do and must be brought to an end. I imagine many lost nihilists, materialists and social justice types in the teenage and early 20 years come from out of this educational malaise I have just described with no meaningful orientation offered to them in the real world, thanks to a false scientific education system being inculcated into them, not out of an interest in humility and truth, but out of an arrogant desire for predictability and control. And as a result they become pushed to desperate lashing out measures to try and show their life can have some meaning. They cannot find it in reality, so they find it by joining fringe groups where they are insulated from reality.

At the next stage you have the working world, where, despite the ugly wealth of the rich elite people accelerating away from the rest of us, and despite the fact that men and women now are in the workplace, and despite all the instituting of technologies to make production more efficient, we are still expected to slave away at the same kind of hours of work, for less gain and less prospects. Smaller chance of affording a home, kids or a family. And in work where we have little chance to leave without being left in no mans land, because the number of independent means of employment open to us shrinks all the time. On top of all this we were all told to get off to university, and given free support to go there with no practical appreciation of longer term career and job prospects.

At the end of it all we are left in the lurch, and the bitterness and resentment builds up and infects through all our micro relationships, ultimately the whole of our society, and we are left with something like what we see today.

For the first time I see the beginnings of a practical way out of this quagmire. We must let go of our petty polarised grievances, inculcated in us, by a small elite via their whipping boy media outlets. Let go of our bitterness, and get together to work at insisting upon a 4 hour working day. This latter was a hopeful project at one time of Bertrand Russell, along with some other things we are now seeing instituted such as increased UN world government control, and a desire to control birth rates and the human population. If we are to contribute constructively once more in our society, we must feel it is also giving some freedom back to us and not merely encroaching and taking from us all the time. Naturally, people who want to work longer hours, to earn more and potentially to earn enough for projects like affording a home and raising a family, then they can still be free to do this, but if only 4 hours working day is mandatory this will allow other people to pursue a productive working life alongside creative pursuits in their free time without forever feeling harangued by a system trying to push them to pursue materialistic idols of wealth and more, more, more, that they simply have no interest in. What they want is a life without bitterness, a life without a feeling they are being always controlled by others rather than empowered, to flourish in a self circumscribed domain.

These are some of my thoughts, and I think they represent a reasonable negotiation between free citizens and their communities and institutions, if we want to stop the rot that is threatening to decay the core of our societies and our being by stretching us beyond breaking point in ludicrous caricatured polarised positions that are worthy only of internet trolls, not of serious reasonable human beings.

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