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A Journey Through 20th Century Philosophy

journeythrough20thcenturyphilosophyThis is my first book and I am looking forward to publishing it on July 10th, 2019. It represents the study I have done over many years on some of these philosophers and thinkers. Bertrand Russell has been a particular inspiration to me in my philosophy and way of thinking about the world. The book starts with his philosophy of logical atomism and tracks its influence throughout analytic philosophy in the 20th century. Many other philosophers, from Quine to Wittgenstein to Strawson to Kripke, position themselves relative to an interpretation of Russell’s philosophical enterprise. Each tries to displace it in some way or refine it with their own insights. I move on to consider a few more contemporary philosophers who I consider of great importance, such as John Searle and Roger Scruton. I place all the thinkers in one coherent line of enquiry and hint at some of my own positions on these subjects to help bring everything together. In the end it is shown what we can take from all these attempts and some suggestions for a new orientation for philosophy in the 21st century are provided. To pre-order you can click on the link on the right of the screen or here

Book Available

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