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The necessity of scarcity

Scarcity or the threat thereof, will always pervade human life

This basic reality is where many well-meaning people lose touch with said reality

They want no one to suffer, sure, they want poverty gone, sure

But how exactly do they expect natural selection to take effect on such an insulated population?

Bad mutations build up over time as a natural tendency, in the population as a whole,

natural selection is a process for weeding this out and keeping those bad mutations out.

By only letting a select few breed, while others lose out in the natural struggle..

Yes it is ruthless, it is not nice in any way, sure, but it remains reality.

We must come to terms with this, more importantly, women, naturally more compassionate, must learn to accept this reality now we are in a equal society where there influence on our political and cultural developments are much greater.

This is coming from someone who may well lose out by this system. I am not successful or wealthy as of yet. I have little to no sway over anyone else in this world. But still I can accept this is the reality of how life must go on. We cannot insulate ourselves from it for ever, or even for very long.

It needs a new place accepted within our politics, away from this childish game of snap between the political left and right.

My view here would cross over with the libertarian approach. But I would not cross over with them on many other things. I do not see their better appreciation of this economic reality as coinciding with some greater rationale in all areas of moral and political debate. In fact, in many other areas their slavish adherence to their rationale gets in the way of a better appreciation of reality. For instance the libertarian view on things such as world conflicts, and religious and cultural influence in society is very naive and impractical.

We need a free market on sexual breeding of the better genetic material. By competition etc, threats of scarcity, that weed out the best from the rest, in how they react to these situations. But we don’t need a similar free market on many other things. A pure free market on ideas would soon descend into chaos. Some/many ideas are simply accepted as easier due to traditions, and easier as they are naturally passed on by one generation to the next. You cannot treat each newborn as an isolated atomic tabula rasa, free to be moulded by ideas in a purely rational way. It simply doesn’t work. All you end up with is disenfranchised, disempowered individuals, dependent on passively being manipulated by media association games that play with their emotional responses and short cut any intelligent thought. And hopelessly dependent also on science and technology and experts to tell them what to think and how to act. This is not a culture, but a society void of culture, ruled purely by instrumental relationships with people being used as means to others ends, and not respected in their own right.



My Terrible Dilemma

I face in life a terrible dilemma

that gives me shuddering heart tremors

Should I try, should I help this world in its current course,

or watch on and let it be crushed under natural force?

Maybe it is better that we have our demise

at times is the conclusion I surmise

At other times, I have more hope

I feel with life’s problems I can just about cope.

At rare times I even have joy

all negativity and enemies can be destroyed.

But for the most part, I really struggle much to care

my heart for this human world, has very little to spare

Its not that I am incapable, its not that I am lazy

its simply that I dont care to help a world gone crazy.

Maybe I have been manipulated into this apathy

if so, it must be by people of extreme psychopathy

If such people rule this world, its already too late

to stop our destruction and terminal fate.

Why should I care, why should I bother?

Why over petty human problems should I permanently hover?

The space closes in around me, the pressure builds

the second chances run short, hope must flee or be killed.

I can jump, there is only a void,

why be scared, I can die but never be destroyed

My Secret

I have a secret to let you in on

I am a white person who you cannot heap guilt upon

I do not drive a car, I use little oil,

I get by on the minimum, with intelligence and toil

where do you want to place me on your oppression olympic table?

a person who doesn’t fit in line with your night time fables

Your shallow games and abuse mean nothing to me

I will always be proud of what I am

you cannot tell me what to see

and I will never fall for your scams

save them for the brainwashed fools

the zombies, and the dead inside ghouls

I will not be your enabler

I will be your permanent disabler




Only minutes away, but feels like miles

the faded joys, the tears and smiles

Out of touch, and out of mind

Lost memories I cannot find.

There is no reaching anymore

hope lays too low to the floor

Waiting for a miracle that simply cannot be

Lies a blindness, that will never end in “I can see!”




Filth now roam this earth

Of virtue remains a dearth

Self respect has been taken

Honour has been forsaken

Good deed gets no reward

Lies and stealing are above board

Violence is in more accord

With the growing hate-filled hoard

Why contribute to this facade

this orgy that leaves us all scarred?

Why legitimise all their evil actions

being strung along by their distractions?

Our culture is hollowed out,

by an elite with all the clout

Our democracy is ransacked and stolen

by rich people, with purses overly swollen

Our freedom is paralysed in fear

by the medias crocodile tears

by our leaders who cried wolf too many times

justifying wars with no reason or rhyme.

Left in stark terror of the other

exploiters rape what is left of our cover.

Yet I am free to sit here on my own

to go over these thoughts and bemoan

to powerlessly worry and groan

with no channel through which to atone.

Thanks to that great liberal ideal

Left in private our wounds can congeal

Can form into a monstrous, horrible shape

over which a cloth we can drape

a cloth to represent our shame

our guilt, self-pity and disgust

humanity become weak, lost and tame

in front of a screen feeling bored and non-plussed





The Bankruptcy of the Political Left

I think this is something we have to start coming to terms with. I grew up around leftist ideals and beliefs. I was in university during the New Labour , Tony Blair, years here in the UK. I was never a strong follower of leftist ideas, partly because I saw quite quickly at university how such ideas had become entwined with post-modernist, pluralist ideas, which, thanks to good training in philosophy, I was able to quite quickly punch through the holes in its shoddy reasoning processes, and its fallacious reading of modernity and western culture.

However, my emotional attachments were still on the leftist side, and I really wanted to be able to make something good or worthwhile of it. So I leaned toward humanist ideas for a while. This seemed like a good progressive, leftist, base to start from. My problem here was soon apparent when I realised how for many humanists, their humanism was conflated, or was really just a surface disguise, for a hatred of past western religions, and any belief in a god in general. Now, I am not one to bring god into an argument, as a get out of jail free card, but neither am I one to kid myself that I have rational arguments that undermine all faith and belief. Such is a ludicrous idea, that could only enter the minds of people with very little understanding of the impulsive and instinctive sides of their own minds. Or of people who compartmentalise this part of their mind, secularise it, balkanise it even, into daily life practices that their reasoning processes are happily insulated from.

I mean its pretty clear, its not far from here to a general moral degeneration of ones practices, and a trend to irrealism in ones thoughts and ideas. If our thoughts and our practices are disconnected/balkanised in this way, then there is nothing to keep them within reasonable bounds. Nothing to keep our moral ideas and practices within feasible margins and expectations. You cannot tell someone to be selfless and equal for all, and seriously expect them to live to this moral principle in their life. Instead they will just speak big at convenient moments, say on twitter, throwing empty sentiments around and being bigoted to people who dare question their deluded narrative, while back in daily life they just get up to the same old selfish practices as anyone else, and usually worse, because they have no moral compass for their daily practices.

So once more, a path to appease my leftist emotional attachments was clearly blocked to me. I then turned to Liberalism. I devoured works on Liberty from the extremes of Herbert Spencer and his man and the state, to Thomas Paine and his rights of man. To John Locke and his social contract and notion of tolerance. To Jeremy Bentham and Mill. To Hobhouse, to Hobson, to Karl Popper’s open society and its enemies, to Hayek’s Road to Serfdom. To Isaiah Berlin. I even supported the Liberal Democrat party here in the UK for a while, only to have my hopes dashed and wrecked on the rocks of the media and party politics, on the beach.

As much as it once again failed to fulfill my naive leftist ambitions, it did atleast give me a sense of a historical tradition and culture of the western world that I could be proud of and use as some sort of base for reasonableness.

The final blow to Leftist ideas for me was really not a specific time or event, but a gradual process over time, whereby one day I woke up and realised, as in the title of this post, that the left is simply bankrupt. It is out of steam, its ideas are no longer helpful to anyone, they are just there like a bad habit that people can’t shake. I think we need to realise, and fast, that pluralism has failed, multiculturalism has failed. Fatalistically blaming corrupt social systems and structures has also failed. Selfless principles of equality and justice, do not bring justice and happiness for all, they merely lead to a raid on your happiness by selfish people till you have nothing left to give. For those rich people and celebrities who can afford to be philanthropists, by all means keep up the good work, but don’t try to shame us all into your way of thinking. Good deeds may come cheap to you, to us they more likely will cost us our own basic needs of self worth, dignity and respect and health and well being.

We cannot have multi-culture, we either have a culture of our own or we submit to another culture, there is no third way. There is a transitional period of assimilation, of course, but there is not a permanent steady state of multi-culture. This is not an option. We see now the instability of this current state of attempted multi-culture in Europe. No-go zones, more regular terrorism, refugee and immigrant ghettos, rape epidemics, hate preachers, etc.. So, do we want to defend our cultural traditions or do we not? The left says, no, we should be ashamed and guilt ridden and embarrassed of our cultural past, and anyone who is not, we should quickly find a way to call them racist. Well I say, if this is what the left must be, then the left is simply bankrupt, if it has no base or ground of its own to stand on, then it must fall and at free fall speed. If it has no perspective other than to attempt the impossible, to be selfless, all it will do is exterminate itself.

We need to get beyond this leftist hangover, and start reparations. We have cultural traditions of liberty, of tolerance, of science, of endeavour and industriousness, lets embrace these traditions and get down to work rebuilding the west. Lets not play victims of hazy corrupt systems and social structural inequalities. Lets remember that human energy and agency builds these systems and structures and we are as active a part of that as anyone else. The left does not have a monopoly on ideas, we need to turn this tide, as the leaders of the leftist movement are hell bent on shipwrecking us, because for them it is no problem if we are attacked by pirates, they know where all the buried treasure is.

Dormant Volcano

Feelings newly awaken

thought long lost and forsaken

The volcano long dormant and still

bursts into life with a shrill

Enthusiasm I must contain

naive emotions I must restrain

Would that I could just embrace

take it all on board face to face

Then I might be for once content

no longer would others I resent.

For now it seems like an impossible dream

as my reality bursts apart at the seams.



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